(Couldn’t help it, refined the premise) ‘An Embarrassment of Sins’ [M]

Started As a Joke -- Might Become a Serious Story

[Couldn’t help it. I was compelled to refine and expand the premise—one made up based on the image below used in the faux cover—that started as a joke. It is a story idea I might have to treat seriously and write one day, albeit with a much better cover image.]

Every picture tells a story… even a bizarre one, sometimes… and I came across one that speaks of Action | Adventure | Accounting. Imagine a mash-up of Atomic Blonde (starring Charlize Theron), Jane Eyre (if she had been an unassuming accountant), and a dash of Pygmalion.

Angela was a finance and accounting expert who had chosen her profession because it promised stability and a lack of excitement. These were important to her. Since leaving the orphanage at 18 to join the Navy, her life had been a series of adrenaline-stoked experiences. First as a Special Warfare Operator [who unofficially—for secret national-security-level missions that could be disavowed, actually—completed SEAL training] and combat veteran. And then after getting out of the military, working her way through college as a stripper. Only a year into her accounting career, someone in the firm where she worked embezzles millions from a client, a pharmaceutical company (she finds is owned by the mob as a front for illegal drugs and experimentation) and frames her for it. Angela runs until she can figure out how to prove her innocence. A friend from the Catholic orphanage—now an administrator—is able to hide her as a nun. Her past had always haunted her, and now with the mob looking for her, she doubts she has much of a future. When the mob tracks her down, she leads them on a global chase until she’s cornered. Little did they know, she chose where she would turn to face them and make her last stand. It was a killing ground she knew well. They weren’t expecting what would happen next.

Something I may write… one day… but might have to do it under a pseudonym, like the great ‘author’ Whyte Pope. ? ?An Embarrassment of Sins - something I might write but under a pseudonym

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