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This is a quick snapshot for you. If you’re serious about hiring a professional freelance writer, ghostwriter or editor, my rates are below along with some information and links to a lot more about me and what I do (including testimonials, reader and client comments).

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Here’s a link to show you what kind of clients I’ve worked with across the USA and internationally.

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I write creative nonfiction, standard nonfiction (including articles, essays, vignettes, memoirs and autobiographies) and fiction as a ghostwriter for hire. And work with other authors as co-author and collaborator to leverage their time and increase their output. I also help clients with shorter commercial and personal writing projects.

“Read Dennis Lowery’s stories to enjoy well-crafted, imaginative and suspenseful stories at the needs-an-award end of the spectrum of contemporary fiction. If you like Stephen King or O’Henry, you now have another choice at the same level.”Jyoti Dahiya, from an extended write-up/comment at LinkedIn

“Dennis Lowery is a consummate professional who has a unique talent for being able to help you help yourself in developing your story, whether fiction or nonfiction. Blessed with great patience, he is a good listener who gently leads you as your project progresses, while at the same time making sage and valued comments for consideration. Responsive and diligent, he is a master at bringing out that elusive idea or thought, presenting it to you in a thoughtful yet persuasive manner. He introduced me to creative nonfiction and effortlessly guided me along a path that led to my first book. If you are considering writing a book, the ‘go to man’ is Dennis; he will aid and assist you throughout the effort and will make the journey enjoyable.” General Richard ‘Butch’ Neal, (Ret.) former Assistant Commandant US Marine Corps

For clients who have written something that needs improving, I provide specialized editing and re-writing services (including helping develop and write new content if needed to complete).

Contact me if you’re interested in talking about your project.

FOR MORE DETAILS (check out these links to other pages on my site):

Interested in writing your life story–a memoir–but not sure?  Read this page.

Ghostwriting & Book Development

Ghostwriting / Writing

Your Idea, Your Story… Written for You

A few things to know:

  • I’ve ghostwritten, as a writer for hire, Memoirs, Creative Nonfiction, Nonfiction and Fiction (novels and short stories) for clients.
  • Here’s a comparison (and explanation) of Creative Nonfiction & Nonfiction (an important distinction for those interested in writing their memoir or an autobiography).
  • The cost of hiring a book ghostwriter varies… my fees are reasonable (defined by the Writer’s Market guide–see the top of page 73 in that guide). See my rates HERE.
  • Important Note: As a writer for hire I’ve worked on many types of writing projects (large and small). And there are many great stories to be written but I can only take on projects with clients who can afford my fee (which is paid in installments). I do not work on projects where payment is based on book sales or royalties.
  • I’m very good at what I do but don’t just take my word. See reader and client comments here. There are a lot of writers out there but when you factor in overall experience, knowledge, capability and professionalism (responsiveness, work ethic and reliability)… the field of choices narrows dramatically. And that is where a discerning person finds the right professional for their book project. Many have found me (and my company) to be their preferred solution for writing assistance, story and book developmental and publishing services.
  • I’m not an agency. I work directly with my writing and ghostwriting clients.
  • I’m based in Florida (United States), travel as may be required for projects, and have clients across America and internationally. I’ve worked with clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Japan, New Zealand and Canada. For work and pleasure I’ve traveled to 48 of the United States and 36 countries (with more to come) and visited several World Heritage Sites of special cultural, historical or physical significance.
  • Six Simple Questions I Ask You
  • I’ve also worked with three clients whose native language is other than English. This poses special challenges to writers and ghostwriters, but again, breadth of experience helps: I turned their stories into readable and compelling books.
  • I’ve given talks across the United States and internationally in Toronto, London and in Muscat, Oman on writing, publishing and the importance and impact of stories on individuals and cultures.
  • I’m a veteran of the United States Navy and a member of the Military Writers Society of America.Dennis Lowery Has several in the Washington DC area

Now about you:

“You should write a book,” people tell you. Or perhaps you’ve had that thought yourself. And maybe the interest in writing your story or memoir has grown because with it you can leave something permanent as a legacy that provides details never shared before. With it you can educate, inform or entertain others; even create intellectual property that has commercial value and can become a revenue stream for you, your family or company.

How to Get Started on Your MEMOIR by Dennis Lowery

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A book enables you to say everything that’s in your heart and mind (that you want to share) and not just what you can present in the limited time available in a personal meeting. You can only cover so much in a typical sales call, presentation, business meeting, or even a lengthy discussion with someone or even a group of people.

From a business executive’s standpoint, their book can transform a company or organization. A book provides a sense of importance and permanence to their ideas.

And personally — stories told at family reunions or on holidays will fade and as time passes no one will remember and tell them as well as only you can. It’s an opportunity to broadcast a message, a philosophy, and belief to the world (and to a particular group or market). It’s a way to involve a greater number of people and to have an impact on their thinking or in their lives. And why not reach the highest number in the best way possible? There is a military expression that comes into play here: a book is a force multiplier. It extends an individual’s reach and ability to make an impact in their market, to cover issues and to educate and inform.

There is no better way to accomplish any or all of those objectives than by writing and publishing a book. (See a sampling of clients I’ve helped with that and also below–end of this page– you’ll see a gallery of book covers from past client projects).


But busy people often don’t have the time to write or maybe they need professional help in taking what’s in their head and in their hearts and getting it down on paper. And turning it into a real book that is published and available for many commercial and personal purposes. That’s where I can help. My creative writing and ghostwriting skills have helped clients turn their knowledge, life experiences and imaginative ideas into compelling and entertaining stories and books (memoirs, nonfiction & fiction).

If getting your story written is important to you…

Take this step to make it a reality.

I, and my company Adducent, have worked with clients all over North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, some even while they were in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan and South Korea. With email and other communication and collaboration tools—distance and time zone difference does not pose any problem or difficulties. If you find someone who shows the capability to help you, that you have a sense of trust with, then you’ll probably be better served by working with them than compromising because of proximity and price. And frankly, professionalism weighs in. I know that professionals respect and value other professionals. My clients are intelligent successful people in their respective careers and professions. Some I’ve helped and worked with have appeared on PBS NewsHour, 60 Minutes, CBS-ABC-NBC News, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.  [Not to mention other TV and radio shows nationally and in their local markets.]

Follow my writing here.


What Readers & Clients Think:

One of the most important things to click on if you’re looking to hire a writer or ghostwriter.


Some of the reader comments on this little creative nonfiction story. Click to enlarge and read.

Some of the reader comments on this little creative nonfiction story. Click to enlarge and read.

What Now Lieutenant - front cover 10-6-2016“Dennis Lowery is a consummate professional who has a unique talent for being able to help you develop your story, whether fiction or nonfiction. Blessed with great patience, he is a good listener who gently leads you as your project progresses, while at the same time making sage and valued comments for consideration. Responsive and diligent, he is a master at bringing out elusive ideas; presenting them to you in a thoughtful yet persuasive manner.  He introduced me to creative nonfiction and effortlessly guided me along a path that led to my first book. If you are considering writing a book, the ‘go to man’ is Dennis; he will aid and assist you throughout the effort and will make the journey enjoyable.”-General Richard ‘Butch’ Neal, USMC (Ret.)

“It’s not easy for me to be brief because there’s a lot I can say about him. But I’ll try: I first contacted Mr. Dennis Lowery in 2014 to discuss my story about the Vietnam war. Now, we have completed three book projects—novels—together (two about the war in Vietnam and persecution and escape afterward, and another about how a combat wounded [Iraq] veteran saves a pit bull from being euthanized and how that dog, in turn, saved her life). Dennis provided me with tremendous assistance in developing the plots, structuring the books, editing and proofreading the final drafts. I have also learned a lot about publishing from Dennis and that you can tell your story, write your book and send your message to the readers at large, without depending on major publishers. Last but not least, I appreciate the opportunity to work with such an intelligent, decent and good man.” Duyen Nguyen, Esq.

Behind the Smoke Curtain - a novel set in Vietnam 1967-75

Following is a screen capture of the second email on how well Bill Sullivan’s book-signing event went (the other was from the venue, letting me know they were packed, sold all books on hand and took orders for more). His memoir SEA DETAIL covers a 30+ year career in the US Navy.
Some of Our Creative Output and Client Work Since 2010

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Here’s one of many reviews on one of my fiction projects:
Til the End - A Novel by Joseph Patrick With Dennis Lowery“I love a good book I pick up, can’t put down, and end up reading all in one sitting! I recently came across ‘Til The End’ and this book was read just that way! I couldn’t put it down! The book is unlike any other book I’ve ever read. I’m usually more into psychology, self-help, self-improvement and non-fiction books being a graduate in Psychology (a Masters in Counseling), but I love a good book of murder, thrill, and suspense every now and then. This book isn’t your typical suspense novel though, it’s actually very different from what you’d expect, but that is exactly what I loved about it. Many of us have our own secrets, some darker than others. This book gets you thinking about what kind are worth keeping and what are best let out in the open, confessed, apologized, and paid for. It tells a great, compelling story that is extremely tense and best of all, gets you thinking about friendship, loyalty, choices and the consequences that follow. A beautifully written, dark novel that kept me hooked ‘Til The End!’ –Cindy Batchelor
Set For Life is also one of my projects, a nonfiction/self-help book. My author/client is teaming with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from each copy sold will be donated to support their mission to help children. Their motto “One moment changes everything” meshes with the message of the book. The moments we experience–especially those we take a hand in creating–can be so very powerful in our lives.
I wanted to let you know I read your book and enjoyed it. It got me thinking about my own life and how I really need to focus more on my personal life and family. I often refer to my life as constant marathon with no finish line. I shared your book with our Vice President of Mission Resources (my boss) and she is truly excited to be able to partner up with you.” –Mary, Make-A-Wish Foundation
And from my client:
“To my sounding board, Dennis Lowery. You not only validated my thinking, but also contributed significantly to the finished book. I enjoyed exchanging Set For Life stories with you. Working with you made for a wonderful experience and memory.” –Ed Elgarresta, SET FOR LIFE | How to Create Happiness in a Way Too Busy World






Proof Review Copy December 2016

One client’s project was a rewrite/redevelopment of 207,928 words written in pieces-at-a-time over decades. Here’s some comments from him: “Well done. It had been a year or more since I read some of these stories. Your edits really helped to deliver them well.” And… “Just getting to review some more chapters. I haven’t read these stories for a while and really enjoy them. You’re doing a great job re-aligning the stories and getting them to flow.” –KCK


I ghostwrite, co-write and can also publish: Memoirs & Biographies | Nonfiction & Creative Nonfiction | Fiction / Genres – Sequels – Series. Here’s just a few of the dozens of books worked on:

Til the End - Amazon Review 7-31-2016 (1)

Fiction Project

General Richard 'Butch' Neal, USMC [Retired] testimonial

Memoir Project

Dennis Lowery and his company, Adducent did a great job of publishing my book -- Senator Larry Pressler

Nonfiction Project

COMMENTS from Irene Trowell-Harris about working with Dennis Lowery

Memoir Project

Memoir Project - Click to enlarge

Memoir Project

Nonfiction Project - Click to enlarge

Nonfiction Project

Nonfiction Project - Click to enlarge

Nonfiction Project

Memoir Project - Click to enlarge

Memoir Project



Nonfiction Project - Click to enlarge

Nonfiction Project




some-comments-about-what-you-can-see-through-broken-glass-by-dennis-loweryThe Old Trunk - some reader comments What the Wind Blew Away -- some reader comments Reader Review of Through a Lens of Dark and Light - a novella by Dennis Lowery “It touched my heart Dennis!” ♥ –Rea de Miranda reader comments about Leaving Taos - by Dennis Lowery a beautiful story full of meaning Kathryn Nokony about Wings by Dennis Lowery This is a must read -- by Dennis Lowery It's never too late to rediscover love -- in a short story from Dennis Lowery Your writing amazes me! -- reader comment about Dennis Lowery











Every Picture Tells A Story - THE CROSSING by Dennis Lowery

Scroll down to see more comments from some of my readers and clients. And to learn more about my company’s publishing and publishing assistance services!

Greg Slavonic is also a retired Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Greg Slavonic is also a retired Rear Admiral, United States Navy

BT LinkedIn Recommendation 8-6-2015

“My gratitude also goes to Dennis Lowery at Adducent, Inc. He was an enthusiastic and discerning partner who made our book idea into an actual book.” – J. Phillip ‘Jack’ London, author of Character: The Ultimate Success Factor and Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of CACI (NYSE), a $3.8 billion information technology and professional services company that celebrated its 50th year in business in 2012.

Character - The Ultimate Success Factor by Dr. J. Phillips London - 2nd Printing Dust-jacket

“A story about good parents who give the right advice, and how a smart kid can learn the right lessons from that advice. This is a Must Read.” –Jyoti Q Dahiya, about Ask for the Dance…

“You have such mad talent! ♥ this!” –Cindy Corhn, about Ask for the Dance

Nonfiction Project - Leadership

Nonfiction Project – Leadership



BLINDED - a Novella by Dennis Lowery


“Dennis Lowery never disappoints. Spellbinding and breathtaking.” [See the complete review at the following link] —Amazon Review of BLINDED

“I could not put this down once I started reading… I would highly recommend this author to anyone that loves a good story, interesting characters and likes to be pulled into a story from the first page.” [See the complete review at the following link]–Amazon Review of BLINDED

-Quite how you portray such things through mere words never fails to amaze me.- --Nyan N.

No Body Wants To Talk About It“I enjoyed the way in which the book was written. It is concise, easy to follow and understand. It also contains lots of common sense information that is easy to read and comprehend.” –Mihalis P., from their Amazon Review of Nobody Wants to Talk About It  [one of several nonfiction books I’ve worked on with clients]

“Dennis, the project went exactly as you described it when we first spoke. As I mentioned during our last conversation, your insight, direction, and patience were invaluable to me as I learned about the process and asked a seemingly endless number of questions. I have no doubt that you spent significantly more time guiding me through this process than you had planned, and I am grateful for your kindness and generosity. It is extraordinarily refreshing to work with someone who does what he says he will do, on time, without excuses or drama, and delivers a finished product as promised. I wish more people would conduct business in the manner you do.Many thanks for your help and best regards.” –-George W. Clarke, President, Clarke Resources — about his book Nobody Wants to Talk About It

“In immensely practical terms, … discusses the ‘nuts and bolts’ of arranging funerals. I especially like that this book is short and readable, filled with important details and devoid of lots of unnecessary “fluff.” –from an Amazon review of, Nobody Wants To Talk About It



The Candle... a Short Story by Dennis Lowery


“It was wonderful. Chilling and hauntingly beautiful… very Stephen King-esque. Right up my alley, being a huge Stephen King fan. I have goosebumps. Absolutely loved it.” –BT

“Stephen King would be happy to put his name on this story! (I mean this as a compliment).” –JD

“Oh, wow, very powerful. I felt so much compassion for the couple. And the intrigue of the supernatural, really gets you thinking. It really is an excellent story.” –MC


The 12 DOVES of Christmas Nonfiction by Dennis Lowery“This is very cool! Thank you for sharing with us, Dennis! We really loved your blog post! Can you DM us your contact information?”Dove Chocolate (owned by Mars, Inc.), via Facebook about The 12 Doves of Christmas 

“I wanted to say, my favorite was…. But I couldn’t chose just one…” –Janet Mix, about The 12 Doves of Christmas

THE THANKS GIVEN Short Fiction by Dennis Lowery“Great and worthwhile read Dennis, and I especially liked how your story and postscript worked together to create a message that is both as beautiful as it is true and meaningful. Hopefully the core of it sinks into every and anyone reading it.” –Michael Koontz, about The Thanks GIVEN

Through a Lens of Dark & Light... A Novella by Dennis Lowery (dark cover)


“I was plowing through a really bad book and finally gave up. I loaded this book that I had downloaded a little while back and thank you Dennis Lowery for saving me from the reading blues! Excellent job! Loved the work! It was a really great read. I’m still thinking about it. And the end with the SPOILER REMOVED really hit home with the perspective of what one’s feelings, experiences, and sometimes tragedies might be to others.” –Mike M. Jensen, about Through a Lens of Dark & Light…

“Your stories, the way that you tell them, touches me deep inside. They make me think and make me feel. Your heart and soul shine through your words. And what I see is beautiful.” –Nina Anthonijsz

If getting your story written is important to you… take this step to make it a reality.

“Every time I read one of your stories I’m in awe! Keep ’em coming please.” –Regina Dollar Castleberry, about Wings…

What The Wind Blew Away - short fiction by Dennis Lowery


“Thank you, so much, for sharing this with me. It’s a beautiful story; a sweet and touching read. There is something I still need to explore about that connection [in the story] and I am glad you wrote this story as it’s nudging me to explore what it is.” –Amy Dionne, about What the Wind Blew Away…

'Cause I Want... SWEET LOVE by Dennis Lowery


“…loved the story…made me cry! Lol… You are a talented writer Dennis Lowery. So happy to get to read your work… Thank you. :))” –Tracie Parker, about ‘Cause I Want… We All Want… Sweet Love

Union Station... a Short Story by Dennis Lowery


“Vivid and sensuous storytelling, Dennis.” –Vicki Tyley, Best Selling author of five mystery/suspense novels, about Union Station…]


Through a Lens of Dark & Light - reader comment -NA

Click to enlarge

Optional Additional Services:

Publishing or Self-Publishing Assistance

The amount of work (and expertise) required for writing, publishing and distributing a book can be daunting. But here’s a solution for you.

I (my company, Adducent) can handle everything to make your book a reality. From the organizing of the project and the writing to (as an option) my publishing assistance services to manage the design, printing, publication, distribution and fulfillment of book orders (retail and wholesale orders).

The author/client isn’t required to make a hefty capital investment to have stacks of books on hand. Their book will be professionally published and available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and many other booksellers worldwide) and not sitting in their garage or office. We can also help you self-publish your book and guide you through all the steps.

Important Note: This is an option for my writing clients. They are not obligated to publish with my company and are able to submit to other publishers and/or agents, or self-publish. We also provide editing or consider providing publishing assistance services for non-writing clients.

Examples of work: The following books are some of those I’ve helped to develop, edit and/or publish for clients. Some are books I’ve ghostwritten where, due to confidentiality agreements, I’m not named on the cover. And there are a few of my ghostwritten books not shown or listed here due to specific restrictions in my agreement with those particular clients.

If you’re interested in my writing and following progress on my stories, please sign up for updates (you’ll get an email once a week announcing new writing I’ve posted, news and updates on projects).



PLEASE READ: This--below--is where intelligent comments are exchanged and threads of meaningful and thought-provoking discussion can take place. Some of my favorite stories I've written started with such exchanges and through them I've met some truly wonderful people. This comment section is a place where it's almost old-school in that responses--if one is needed--may not be immediate but will come. Kind of like postal mail correspondence, an easier pace that allows thoughtfulness and not knee-jerk fingers flying over keyboard replies, or something that comes out as top of mind, a stream of conscious superficiality. I hope to hear from and interact with you on anything I've written that sparks a thought or urge to comment.

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