A Low Down Dog in an Upscale Neighborhood

'Stan's Series of Predicaments'

It was always something, and Stan was guilty of many things… but not this one.

They said they only had a few questions. That was an hour ago and still here I sit. I didn’t do it. But I can’t tell them that when it happened, I was with Nanette the poodle from next door. They wouldn’t believe me anyway, she’s some kind of high-class dog and I’m a mutt. But she is a randy bitch. When she swished by me with that fine-smelling ass–. I shook my head. Stop thinking of that and of her. I know who did it. That fucking cat hasn’t liked me since day one. Now, how can I prove it to them?

Want to read more of what happens with Stan, his adventures and experiences as a low down dog in an upscale neighborhood?

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