SET FOR LIFE | How to Create Happiness in a Way Too Busy World

Client Project

To my sounding board, Dennis Lowery. You not only validated my thinking, but also contributed significantly to the finished book. I enjoyed exchanging Set For Life stories with you. Working with you made for a wonderful experience and memory.” –Ed Elgarresta

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“I wanted to let you know I read your book and enjoyed it. It got me thinking about my own life and how I really need to focus more on my personal life and family. I often refer to my life as constant marathon with no finish line. I shared your book with our Vice President of Mission Resources (my boss) and she is truly excited to be able to partner with you.” –Mary, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida

One of my writing/publishing projects. My author/client is teaming with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A portion of the proceeds from each copy sold will be donated to support their mission to help children. Their motto “One moment changes everything” meshes with the message of the book. The moments we experience–especially those we take a hand in creating–can be so very powerful in our lives.

So many who have planned their lives and accomplished their goals are still not as happy or fulfilled as they thought they’d be. And what about those who have led lives not as well thought out? What if their lives are more about reacting to and passively accepting their circumstances? In some cosmic irony, they, too, have reached self-awareness of self-inflicted frustration—they shot low and hit the mark. But they can’t shake the feeling that they could be happier and have a more fulfilling life, too. If only they knew how.

This is not a subject commonly covered in school; certainly not in grades one through twelve or even early (if ever) in college. But it should be.

Whether your life is going according to your plan, but you are not completely fulfilled as you envisioned. Or if your life ‘just happened,’ and where you are… is where you just came to be. The Set For Life Planning System (SFL) introduced in this book changes that and enables you to design and live a life you will look forward to remembering. Rest assured, you are now on your way to leading a more exciting and fulfilling life, one of meaningful memories and experiences that you take an active role in creating.

SET FOR LIFE | How to Create Happiness in a Way Too Busy World

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