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I like dark chocolate and sometimes have a piece in the morning with my coffee. There’s a brand of individually wrapped pieces called Dove™ that includes brief thoughts and statements inside the wrapper. With our preparation for the holiday season each year, my wife buys bags of them and–one year–I thought to begin on December […]

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Short - Holiday - Fiction

A moment in time as told by a grandmother to her granddaughter that highlights the heightened feelings of first love and her discovery of the true meaning of Christmas. Song on the Wind (a link to the story is also further below) was my 2016 Christmas story. On 12/8/2018 I’ll re-share my 2017 Christmas Story WHITE […]

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Lessons learned... from what was found inside

“Life was as delicate as the paper held in her hand.” Lessons learned… from what was found in the old trunk.

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Head still down, she looked at the vines that started under the dead leaves lying before her. Following the green of their winding on the trees that lined the path brought her eyes up, climbing their height as the vines did. They were life; growing infinitesimally and breathing as she looked at them. And as her head lifted she saw in the distance an opening through the trees at the crest of the hill she’d labored to climb but was only halfway there.

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Client Work - Book 1 of 4 of a Multi-year Project

Began writing mid-January 2018; just passed the 72,000-word mark. Historical fiction (my fourth story/project in the genre) for publication Spring 2019.

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Scene Excerpt

A little warm-up writing (draft) from this morning’s coffee… (spurred by this image and a ‘mock’ cover I created that could one day be a real story). Spring had died, drowned by the climbing mercury in the giant thermometer on the brick wall of Tilson’s bar she could see by day in rising and fading […]

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A little story I wrote for my daughters to talk about life perspective

With a sigh she didn’t realize had come from her… she stooped to fill her jug.

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I think many people (at least I know I do) get the most enjoyment and value out of things that are more than one layer deep. It could be the richness of a color (like you could dip your finger in it), the texture of a fine wood and look and feel of its grain, the savor of the food or drink, the subtleties and nuances of a well-written book, well-scripted/written movie or TV show, the joy of an intelligent discussion/conversation. It’s the same for me when it comes to the quality of interaction with another person and clients and I very much appreciate the quality of the person I work with and hope to know and work with them for a long time to come.

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Short Nonfiction

As I write this—from my Pandora random station shuffle—Joan Baez is singing, ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.’ A song written by Robbie Robertson and originally recorded by the Canadian-American roots rock group The Band in 1969. It’s a first-person narrative relating the economic and social distress experienced by a poor white Southerner during […]