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A Flashfiction Moment

Every picture tells a story… He was still young, almost 18, but many—no, most—would say too old to swing like a child. But the motion soothed him; a subconscious sense he could change his perceptions by mere movement. A shifting of view that revealed more of the world… and himself. To see what was before […]

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She watched the old man, who had brought her there, as he went about adding more forgettable things to what was already forgotten.

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Short Nonfiction

As I write this—from my Pandora random station shuffle—Joan Baez is singing, ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.’ A song written by Robbie Robertson and originally recorded by the Canadian-American roots rock group The Band in 1969. It’s a first-person narrative relating the economic and social distress experienced by a poor white Southerner during […]

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The one piece of writing that best exemplifies my personal philosophy

I’ve carried this piece of writing in my daily planner since 1992 and when life (or something within it) turns to shit as can happen from time to time… with troubles and worries all around. I’ve often read it to put things in perspective and give me something to center me and sync with what […]

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A Little Story for my Daughters

So he worked, he lived and wondered where his life would lead if he only followed a half-way street that seemed to lead nowhere… to see if it didn’t.

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The Story Behind the Story

This 23,000+ word story evolved from a writing challenge. What was planned as a short story to be called The Campfire based on a picture that was the runner-up to Union Station in one of my PICK- A-PICTURE-GET-A-STORY-WRITTEN contests. This photograph shows two teenage boys and a girl sitting in front of a campfire. I wondered who the girl was… and was she […]

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SCENE EXCERPT from the novel expansion of BLINDED

“The unconscious sends all sorts of odd beings, terrors, and deluding images into the mind whether in a dream, daylight, or insanity. For the human kingdom, beneath the floor of the neat little dwelling we call our consciousness, goes deep into dark unsuspected caves.” Alex looked out the window as he spoke. The light through smeared […]

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DRAFT of a Short Story

ABOUT THE STORY [An endnote explains how the story ‘came to be’] A tired and stressed couple’s plans for a getaway break goes awry because of weather. They arrive at their destination but become snowbound at the place they’ve rented in the country. Their friends and family that were to meet them can’t. So it’s […]

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One thing I tell my daughters is that you have to take action to get what you want in life… but equally critical is how you respond to what’s happening, especially when things don’t go your way. And that’s perhaps the most important lesson to learn. Life, happiness, and self-respect, ultimately, come from what you […]