Two Very Different Stories

But which one is real?

Casual meals, breakfast or dinner, at the kitchen table with Amelia and Bonnie are always interesting. All my daughters have agile, bright, minds and the discussions with my two youngest often covers interesting topics or observations. And sometimes humorous moments. Yesterday, as they were eating, I mentioned that I had worked out the plotting for […]

READER COMMENTS on my serialized short story “All That I Am” and how you can read it FREE, too

From readers of the 7-part story (serialized in my Google Featured Collection of Short Fiction): PART 1 – “Ok. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment but I guess I’ll have to. That sucks.” PART 2- “Well, that was interesting. Still can’t wait to read more.” PART 3 – “Ok. So what happened to the […]