‘The Redhead Witch’

"Don't call me ginger..."

The Redhead Witch“Oy, Ginger!”

Ruby ignored the drunk Brit who’d been ogling her at the bar and then staggered out after her. She scrolled through her list to find just the spell for him. That one she’d developed to help her nephew with his ‘outie.’ It had worked on the belly button. With just a bit of tweaking, it should work below the belt. “Got it.” She turned to the offensive man and silently chanted.

“Oy!” he screamed and grabbed his trousers.

“Meowwwr,” the cat hissed.

“That’s right, Tomato,” Ruby smiled at her feline friend.“I don’t like being called ginger.” She cast a last look at the man who was still feeling what had changed, then turned from him to head down the alley where she’d parked her broom.

This little scene came about when I saw the image and found this quote:

In England we burnt redheads at the stake, because we thought they were witches. There are still young redheads in Britain getting ripped for having red hair. ‘Oy, Ginger!’ —Damian Lewis (actor)


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