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“This is just the type of story to read during the holidays. Dennis has a lovely way with words and crafting the story to keep the twist hidden just around the corner, but when it happens, it’s a warm and satisfying revelation. Grab a mug of coffee or cocoa, sit in a favorite chair, and enjoy this heartwarming story.” –Amazon Review

“A perfect feel-good–story for the Christmas season! And that twist at the ending, how you add some Christmas lore. Love it!”

“I just love your writing. Thanks for the great read, Dennis.” Amy Dionne

“Loved the story.” –Rosa Cloyd

“I’m hooked and love the story, Dennis!” –Nina Anthonijsz

Olivia works for a misogynistic slimeball whose father made a fortune in New York City real estate. Her life has not turned out as she expected or wanted. Henry had lost his wife and children in a tragic accident. It’s been years and he doesn’t know if he can keep going… nowhere. And was it wrong to want the pain to go away?

Both are haunted by the past. Alone, caught within circumstances. Caged. But then… this holiday season something magical happens….




PLEASE READ: This--below--is where intelligent comments are exchanged and threads of meaningful and thought-provoking discussion can take place. Some of my favorite stories I've written started with such exchanges and through them I've met some truly wonderful people. This comment section is a place where it's almost old-school in that responses--if one is needed--may not be immediate but will come. Kind of like postal mail correspondence, an easier pace that allows thoughtfulness and not knee-jerk fingers flying over keyboard replies, or something that comes out as top of mind, a stream of conscious superficiality. I hope to hear from and interact with you on anything I've written that sparks a thought or urge to comment.

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